About JK Acoustic Guitars

My interest in guitars started in my mid teens, but at that stage I guess I was more interested in the electric kind, that would assist me in my quest to make sounds just like The Shadows (late 60s). I drifted away from the electric guitar and became interested in the acoustic kind in my mid twenties. A lot to do with the change in the music scene of the 70s and of course it was also found to be more portable and handy for the odd backyard sing-a-long. I continued to pick up the acoustic guitar to strum and pick occasionally over the next 30 years and although I focused mainly on my career in electronics engineering and other interests during this time, I had never lost the love of wanting to make music.

I had not really discovered the hidden fascination that I now posses toward the stringed instrument, its history and its make up, until contemplating what I could do upon reaching retirement age. The strong interest in wanting to experience the different tonal characteristics of the various tone-wood species and delve into the science and art of making a quality acoustic instrument turned into a passion. This was kindled through lots of research and some mentoring from Gerard Gilet and his team of Luthiers at the Gilet Guitar Factory in Botany NSW. My two very early interests and love in life were spent working with wood (cabinet making) as a hobby during school holidays and playing guitar in a band after leaving school. I always had a bit of an interest in making my own instrument, so I guess these interests along with my experiences in communications engineering involving some sound acoustics has all lead me toward this goal of instrument making.